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You only have onelife. Make it a healthy one.



Achieve your health goals.

At Onelife we offer a friendly, personalised health and fitness services for all customers regardless of your personal goals or experience. We focus on your long term success by taking a holistic approach to your health. Whether you're looking to lose a bit of weight for that upcoming wedding or talk to someone about some trouble you're having, our professionals are here to help you live your life to the fullest.

Pay as you train.


You can book sessions whenever you want. We work on a pay as you go basis so there are no contracts or long-term commitments if you don't want them. We strongly believe that everyone can achieve their goals and live their lives with a little flexibility.

Have fun.

We take an alternative approach to health that emphasises making the process enjoyable. Our methods ensure that your journey is sustainable and fun so that you stay healthy and live the life you deserve.

If you'd like to get the life you deserve contact us today to get a FREE consultation with one of our experienced 

"Onelife has helped me to reach my personal weight loss and fitness goals. I have lost over two stone and reduced my metabolic rate by 20 years! I now look forward to a gym session! The gym is really well equipped and in a beautiful tranquil setting, over looking open fields."


Tom Keates


Tom has been a personal trainer for 15 years and set up onelife in January 2005. He has trained many different individuals of all abilities and ages to help them reach their true potential and has trained with former Professional Rugby players and Commonwealth Athletes.

Tom has a long history of working in the professional training & coaching industry and is particularly skilled in weight training, operant conditioning, cardiovascular fitness, strength training, and fitness training.

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Lawrence Rothwell


Rachel Amies



Rachel is a fully qualified and REPS-registered personal trainer and specialises in weight management. Her unique and integrative coaching method combines fitness training, nutrition coaching and behavioural change techniques to achieve – and more importantly to maintain results.


Drawing on the calm and privacy of the studio’s location, Rachel takes a gentle and compassionate approach to training. With patience, she’ll encourage and support you as you work at your own pace towards your health and fitness goals.

Charlie Pollington


Charlie is a member of the ISRM (Institute of Sports and Remedial Massage) and the CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council. Charlie has seen people of all ages and lifestyles – from Ironmen to weekend warriors (you know who you are!) and builders to grandmas.

Charlie has also worked extensively with all kinds of professionals including being the sole therapist on Kylie Minogue’s 2014 “Kiss me Once” Tour.

Heather Harper



Heather is a fully qualified personal trainer. She is passionate about helping people to feel happier, stronger and more confident through exercise. Heather is approachable and sensitive to each of her clients needs. Her training will use a variety of different styles in order to keep things exciting, engaging and to get the best results. 


With a background in psychology, Heather aims to help her clients make positive and healthy changes, both in and out of the studio! 


Isobel Harper


Isobel is an integrative counsellor which means that she adapts her working style to meet the needs of each individual with psychodynamic being her primary approach.

By exploring your own inner feelings, values and beliefs, Isobel will guide you to realise that we all have the inner resources to challenge our beliefs, gain the clarity we want and to move forward making more informed decisions.

Chloe Beynon


  • Started weight training in 2012 (after dislocating knee)

  • Qualified as PT in 2016

  • Specialise in weight loss & strength training

  • Experience and success reaching various client goals e.g. weight loss, performance, injury rehab, physique competitions

  • Like using a combination of weight training and HIIT style circuits





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Our Address:

54 Whittlesford Road

Little Shelford


CB22 5EW


Our state-of-the-art gym and studio are available for rent to professionals on a pay as you go basis. So if you are a health and fitness professional in need of working space call us now to enquire about our facilities and rates.

Take advantage of our rural gym and studio:

  • State-of-the-art exercise machinery & equipment

  • Spacious studio with modern facilities

  • Located in a picturesque, rural suburb

  • Friendly & knowledgeable staff

  • Use the facilities when YOU want to

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